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Avail of free medical checkups for your grandparents for a single-receipt purchase worth P500 in Gateway Mall, Ali Mall and Farmers Plaza activity areas

There is nothing quite like the relationship between grandparents and their grandchildren as it transcends generational differences.

On September 9, Grandparents Day, Araneta Center fetes this familial link in “Junior & Senior Day: Celebrating the Bond of Grandparents and Grandchildren” at the Gateway Mall, Ali Mall and Farmers Plaza.

For just a minimum single receipt purchase worth P500 from any Araneta Center establishment, a grandparent and his/her grandchild will get the chance to participate in the activities and avail of the services and souvenirs in the three malls.

Aging should not be a reason for the grandparents to look old and feel old. And at the Gateway Mall, elders who embody youth in both their look and outlook will get the chance to be “modelolos” and “modelolas” as they walk in the fashion competition “Look Young, Feel Young Outfit Contest.”

Seniors who still love to sweat out and stretch their muscles will also have a grand time at the Zumba sessions at the Ali Mall and Farmers Plaza.

Health and wellness are definitely important for the grandparents, and this is why medical checkups and wellness talks will also be conducted in the three malls.

Grandparents and their grandchildren may also participate in various games that will put their teamwork to a test. Handsome prizes will also be drawn. All these activities and more will ensure a bonding moment grandparents and their grandchildren will definitely treasure.

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