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Imagine planning a trip to the province for a vacation or a family reunion but encountering long lines and inconvenient bumps. These roadblocks will definitely spoil any trip and tire anyone out even before they step into the vehicle.

Fortunately, there are transports hubs and payment methods that now make traveling a less harrowing experience for passengers.

The Araneta Center Bus Port (ACBP) is taking convenient travel to a whole new level.

Already offering services and facilities that are similar to airports, the ACBP has recently made available the option to book and reserve tickets online. This means passengers no longer have to go through long queues particularly during peak seasons such as the Holy Week, the Halloween break and the Christmas season.

Passengers just have to go to and follow the easy steps of booking and reserving their tickets. For online payments, passengers may use the PayMaya payment gateway to buy their tickets.

Added to this, cashless options have been introduced for ticket purchase. Passengers may use their MasterCard, Visa and JCB debit/credit cards to buy tickets, or use their PayMaya cards as debit card using the PayMaya POS terminals as well. Another convenient way is for passengers to download the PayMaya app, load it with cash, and scan the QR code available at the ACBP to buy tickets.

During the launch, Araneta Center executives tried the PayMaya card on the POS terminal, and QR code transactions with the help from executives from PayMaya Philippines. With these systems in place, the ACBP continues to find ways to give travelers better service. Cashless transactions are also deemed safer because passengers no longer have to bring cash to the busport to pay for their tickets.

“Whether it’s online or at the bus port, booking bus tickets is now more convenient for passengers, and their total experience now made more secure with the help of PayMaya’s cashless payment options,” said Antonio T. Mardo, Senior Vice President for Operations of the Araneta Center.

The ACBP, located on Gen. Romulo Ave. just across Ali Mall, boasts of top-of-the-line facilities like an air-conditioned passenger lounge, a check-in baggage counter, an airport-like centralized automated ticketing system, reliable security, and a food port where passengers can eat and relax.

It serves as the main stop for provincial air-conditioned buses going to and from the Bicol region, Southern Tagalog, Visayas and Mindanao.