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Something’s crackling at the Gateway Mall.

The Filipinos’ favorite crunchy snack is taking center stage in the Chicharon Festival happening from July 22 to 28 at the Gateway Mall activity area.

Various iterations of the more usual crispy pork rinds are available in the Chicharon Festival. Whether you prefer the ones with thick back fat or the bite-sized kind, the usual salty or the spicy type, you can definitely find them in this unique food fair. These snacks also come from different places in the country.

The bagnet, the chicharon’s cousin from northern Philippines, is also available. Different types of vinegars, undoubtedly the perfect partner to the chicharon, are also for sale.

Looking for less “sinful” options? Mushrooms, seaweeds and other seafood also get a chicharon spin at the expo.

Even pastas and pizzas drizzled with slivers of chicharon are also being offered.

The Chicharon Festival is just one of the more exciting food fairs happening at the Araneta Center. Visit and follow our social media pages @AranetaCenter on Facebook and Twitter and @TheAranetaCenter on Instagram for more updates.