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Addlib Dance Studio

Arriving at the Araneta Center is Manila's newest vibrant and dynamic dance space, The Addlib Dance Studio! Dancing with you starting APRIL with The Lab Summer 2018! ARRIVING SOON at the 2nd floor of Kia Theatre Arcade.

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O' BANH MI IS OPENING ON FEBRUARY 1! While it literally means "bread" in Vietnamese, Banh Mi has become synonymous to the classic Vietnamese sandwich. It's a hearty hand-held meal you can munch on while on the go. Visit O' Banh Mi on the Upper Ground Fl

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Taco Bell Live Más Place

Prepare for Friday! Reward yourself and unwind at Taco Bell Live Más Place, Upper Ground Floor, Cyberpark 1. Taco Bell Live Más Place in Cyberpark 1 is open until 2AM. Enjoy your tacos, burritos, beer and so much more!

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