What's Happening

The Araneta Center is a hive of activity where visitors are treated to everything from amazing deals to world-class concerts and performances, and a whole lot more!

The Heart of Quezon City

The Araneta Center rises mighty as ever and has changed the city's landscape. In the midst of a multi-billion peso redevelopment plan, the pioneering commercial district is the site of new, complex developments that would redefine the city skyline. This mixed-used commercial hub espouses a Live+Work+Play environment with its retail, entertainment, business, residential, and hospitality features.

  • 1M foot traffice average per day
  • Central Location
  • Multi-modal transporation access
  • MRT/LRT intersect EDSA; jeepney and regional buses
  • Safe and secure with over 1,000 security personnel and a local police station
  • Flood Free; 46m above sea level and the highest among all shopping districts
  • Over 2,000 shopping and dining options, many open for 24 hours
  • PEZA-certified business towers, Cyberpark office complex
  • Over 400 hotel rooms
  • M.I.C.E. Business venues
  • Over 7,000 parking spaces
  • Roughly 300 shows in a year
  • 37,000-strong workforce within the Center
  • Over 9,000 units in 18 high-rise residential towers